Covid hit us hard.
People left. Businesses closed. Restaurants shuttered.
There is an urgency promote and support resilient retailers, 
restaurants, and residents. 
It’s time to back the neighborhood.

'If we wish to rebuild our cities, we must first rebuild our neighborhoods.'

Harvey Milk


If you are a local retailer or restauranteur fighting to survive and thrive through these unprecedented times, we want to hear your story.
Over the coming weeks we will be meeting with many local retailers and restaurant owners to discuss ideas to encourage local residents to show their support for the neighborhood by shopping and eating local.
Abandoning Amazon for even a few months could have an impact. Ditching the delivery services and walking to the local restaurant would make an impact on margins.


 Our neighborhood greets diversity in any guise, it’s a magnet for movements, a city canvas for thinkers, writers, poets, activists, and artists who through the narrow streets, on stoops, in basements, lofts and bars have birthed new cultural, artistic and political ideas.

The Village, a place to break taboos, a stage for new voices to be heard, and a platform where the siren sound of singers delivering new dreams.

The West Village has always, and will forever welcome the alternative, embrace the bohemian, and celebrate the avant-garde. But this is now.

In these uncertain times, where our cultural fabric is threatened, environmental sustainability sought, social harmony pressured, and economic stability in jeopardy. The collective spirit of the neighborhood has never been so vital.

This is about survival. This is about our future.
And this is why we are Backing The Neighborhood.