30% of businesses are closed since March 2020

We need to act now.

Day by day, week by week we witness more businesses, retailers and restaurants close. Highlands, Fedora, Bar Sardine, and Sacred Chow are recent examples of local icons ceasing to trade. 

Yelp customer review listings found that an estimated 163,735 businesses have closed in the U.S. since March 1.

Forbes, Sept 2020

Iconic closed NYC businesses

  • Union Square Coffee Shop, Union Square, Closed late 2018 (28 years in business)
  • St. Marks Comics, LES, Closed early 2019 (32 years in business)
  • Barneys, closed 2020 (Almost 100 years in business – 1923)
  • Angelica Kitchen, closed 2017 (40 years in business)
  • Lincoln Plaza Cinemas, Lincoln Square, Closed early 2018 (37 years in business)
  • Cornelia Street Cafe, West Village, Closed early 2019 (41 years in business)
  • The Red Cat, Chelsea, Closed late 2018 (nearly 20 years in business)
  • French Roast, Closed 2017 (24 years in business)
  • Sushi Samba, Closed 2017 (24 years in business)