St. Lukes Thrift Shop

Lani Steinberg is the Manager of St Lukes Thrift Shop. This interview is an eye opener to the realities of what has occurred since Covid struck.

Lani Steinberg

I recently met Lani Steinberg, archivist and manager of the Thrift Store at St Lukes in the Field, the West Village institution that was founded over 40 years ago by a group of local mothers.
Lani describes the changing fabric of the West Village over the last decade, She describes the impact of Covid during and post lockdown, the changing demographic, the community role of the store, and the church gardens as a touchstone in the neighborhood.
Lani discusses the culture of thrifting and broad range of motivations.
I ask Lani about homelessness, food insecurity, mental health and the needs of parishioners, the role of churches, how neighborhoods will evolve, and if peoples’ priorities will change as we move beyond the pandemic.

Lani shares her hopes that we will emerge with more empathy as individuals and a more entrenched sense of community. We also discuss what is missing in the neighborhood and the changing nature of the church congregation.

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