Re-imagining Fashion Retail

This week we sat down with Emily Bogner, one of the co-founders of the recently opened Bleecker Street renaissance retailer Fireplace.

Emily Bogner Fireplace 409 co-founder and partners Alex Adams and Duncan Figurski opened Fireplace 409 late in 2020. These three local entrepreneurs are reimagining fashion retail in a post-covid city, supporting local designers, artists and artisans, remaining conscious of sustainability, while also building a community event hub.
Anyone seeking inspiration as to what the future of local retail might look like, Fireplace is a beacon boutique, rekindling the past character of Bleecker Street and infusing it with creativity, design and technology.
In this interview Emily Bogner describes the journey to opening Fireplace 409, the importance of supporting local designers, cultivating community through the creative use of their space, and their ambitions to scale the business.
Emily and her partners are just one example of how a new generation of entrepreneurs are opening businesses grounded with solid ethical foundations, that cultivate a local business network, are considerate to the symbiotic relationship between themselves and their community, resolute in the view that the future will be better than the past.
Apologies that I had some issues with my mic and some static that we have done our best to remove.
Now over to Emily.

About Fireplace

FIREPLACE409 is a post-Covid gift/retail concept store built to engage and inspire your sense of discovery through revolving experiences.  We partner with the brands and communities shaping our future; independent artists and exciting brands to create a stage for immersive storytelling and unlock new offline channels for growth. Being a post-Covid business, we take measures to safely promote artistic expression in our community, providing new opportunities for entertainment that comply 100% to our new social strictures for wellness.

Fireplace is located at 409 Bleecker, New York, NY 10014, in the heart of the West Village’s iconic collector’s market.

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