Leslie Boghosian Murphy

A conversation with Candidate for City Council in District 3 of Manhattan, Leslie Boghosian Murphy, discussing neighborhood regeneration and how we can build back resilient businesses and communities.

Leslie Boghosian Murphy - Candidate for Manhattan City Council District 3

Leslie Boghosian Murphy is a candidate for City Council in District 3 of Manhattan. We recently interviewed  Erik Bottcher another candidate for that district and today we welcome one of his competing candidates Leslie Boghosian Murphy to discuss her platform priorities and how we can build back resilient neighborhoods.
We cover Leslie’s backstory in investigative journalism and what led her to run for local office.
Leslie breaks down the core elements of her campaign platform and her slogan ‘Less Talk and More Action’.
We discuss the systemic issues facing the environment, education, affordable housing, and small business in the City and Lesley explains the actions she’d adopt and as a first priority, if elected.

We also cover issues around rents, fostering innovation in the city, cross industry collaboration.

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